Insist on Fabulous.

The Possibility Coach

The world is changed by the outstanding, vigilant souls who refuse to live a mediocre life.  Souls that pursue excitement, looking for something wonderful to focus their attention upon.  

It's time to uncover what makes you come alive and decide to do it. Your world comes to life when you intentionally apply soul-centered strategies that breathe life into possbility.  

Fabulous is rooted in love. Love makes the world go round, most often we are looking for love in all the wrong places, because true world changing love begins on the inside of you. 


Delisa is the real deal.  It seems she always knows the perfect thing to say that makes me feel accomplished.   ~ S. P.

Delisa's relationship counsel is the reason I am happily married today. I am so grateful her wise counsel was available in the middle of a marriage meltdown. ~ K. B.

It seems just when I am at my lowest moment, I hear from Delisa, sending me an encouraging word. Reminding me of who I am and what I desire. ~ A. W.

I have been personally watching Delisa breathe life into possibility for over 15 years.  She is a rock ~ M. L.

I had given up on my marriage.  Delisa guided me through the darkest days.  She never gave up on our love. She helped us create this sacred space between us that has changed our marriage. ~ C. J.

Delisa's advice has literally transformed my life, I am grateful.  ~ V. M.

Delisa's brings a depth of spiritual knowledge that can not help but lead to inner transformation. ~ L. K.

Delisa has lived her own dark night of the soul.  Her joy and resilience is a light to others. ~ L. B.